VSO Coming to SD73 Classrooms

Posted On Friday November 27, 2020

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is coming to classrooms in the district through an online program called Concert Hall that will offer music, lessons and master classes through a virtual music room.

“Teachers in every classroom in the district have access,” said Janet McCloy, district arts education coordinator. “Even if they just want to have music playing in the background for kids, this is available to them.”

The VSO created the program as a headquarters for virtual learning and performing because schools cannot currently come to them.

“It’s keeping the arts alive during these tumultuous times, and helping keep children involved in music, which has many benefits,” McCloy said. “There is a lot of research showing that simply listening to music calms the emotions, decreases anxiety and improves academic ability.

“The research also shows that music enhances literacy and numeracy skills, and music is a form of numeracy, too. You are using numeracy skills in so many ways, for example, when you are counting notes, putting together phrasing, learning finger placements on instruments.”

Teachers will be able to register their classes for live lessons and workshops, and online lessons will also be available to integrate into their lesson plans. Master classes with members of the VSO are being planned to answer questions and share experiences with students. Concerts for elementary schools, will be an expanded selection of fun, educational and interactive musical experiences for students in K-7.

There are also plans for special guests as the content is updated weekly to provide a dynamic program throughout the school year.

“We are the first district outside the Lower Mainland to have access to this resource, and the VSO is particularly excited about being accessible to rural schools in our district like Raft River, Barriere, Chase, Savona and Clearwater,” said McCloy.

Access to this programming was secured through an Arts Starts grant.

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