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Class configuration and Class lists

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Class configuration and Class lists
by Shaun McKenna - Friday, 22 May 2015, 9:32 AM

This is just information for the parents of Raft River students for next year.  Our numbers have grown though the year and we are very pleased as other schools are shrinking.This growth has posed some difficulties for us in creating classes and assigning students for September. The difficulty is that we will be staffed for 11 classrooms next year, and based on that and using our current student numbers we are almost full. Our difficulty is in knowing what students are leaving and are any new families moving into Clearwater. In September we will start the year with 11 classes and once we have a student count if our numbers warrant it we will get our 12th class fairly quickly. If we start with not enough students to have the 12th class we may get the 12th class through The Education Fund in early October, very similar to what happened in September of this school year.

With this in mind be aware that the class your child will be assigned in September may not be the one they end up in for the rest of the school year. Please be patient with us if the 12th class happens most of the the classes from Kindergarten to grade seven will be affected.