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Important Parent Information

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Important Parent Information
by Lori Bradstock - Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 1:51 PM

Today we received some tragic news at Raft River. This morning there was an accident involving a vehicle and sadly one of our Grade 3 students was injured and died as a result.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our students and extend our sincere condolences to the family. Because official details are not yet being released, pending notification of close family members, we have not yet shared anything with our students, but will plan on doing this first thing tomorrow.

I realise that some of you may already have more information than what we have shared here so far, so please use your own discretion as a parent as to what you choose to share with your children. Be assured that our conversations with students tomorrow will be supported. Counsellors will be at the school tomorrow to offer support both to our students and to offer guidance to parents should they need it.

If at any point you have concerns about how your child is dealing with this situation please contact me at the school.

Lori Bradstock, Principal