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Community Generosity

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Community Generosity
by Lori Bradstock - Monday, 26 February 2018, 4:59 PM

We would like to extend our thanks to the Wells Gray Community Forest Society for their generosity in helping us to purchase Sensory/Self-Regulation Equipment for all of our Primary Classrooms. At school we do many things to help children learn to self-regulate so that they can be emotionally stable, develop healthy relationships with their peers, interact in a socially appropriate manner, and focus on their learning. This is an ongoing process, which takes consistency and time, as well as special tools. A child is successfully self-regulating when he or she is able to choose the correct tools to allow them to do all of these things.

Each class received a bin containing a variety of such tools to help students focus and stay regulated. There was Kinetic Sand, Porcupine Balls, Sand Windows, Soft and Spiky shapes and Squidgie Balls just to name a few. In addition there were also wobble stools and rocker chairs as alternative seating for students who need to be able to sit and move at the same time.

We are very lucky to have the Wells Gray Community Forest Society help us to help the students of Raft River Elementary School.